UPDATE: WHAT IS SHE HIDING?: New Details Emerge in Alberta Darling Coverup

Aug 03, 2011

MILWAUKEE – Just hours after the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a complaint alleging multiple felonies by Sen. Alberta Darling in a coverup of illegal campaign activities, more details are emerging that detail a pattern of obfuscation.

The editor of the Shepherd Express alternative newspaper blogged about a months-old and unfulfilled Open Records request dealing with a Koch Brothers/America For Progress-funded legislative group.

And a citizen blogger wrote about Darling’s intransigence on another Open Records request seeking to learn about the right-wing groups with whom Wisconsin Democrats allege illegal political coordination.

Earlier today, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed multiple complaints involving an obstruction, coordination and collusion conspiracy involving a shady “coalition” of right-wing groups that have rallied around Darling.

“The evidence grows that Alberta Darling has committed misconduct while in office and, while these corporate-funded, right-wing groups are right to place great faith in her, Darling has totally broken faith with the people she is supposed to serve,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “What is she hiding?”