WisDems To File Complaint Against Koch Brothers/AFP Dirty Tricks

Jul 31, 2011

Call on Six Republican Recall Senators to Denounce Tactic

MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Tuesday will file a complaint seeking the immediate end to a Koch Brothers-funded scheme to suppress Democratic votes in upcoming recall elections and called on six recall Republican senators to denounce the tactic.

The corporate front group Americans For Prosperity has in at least two recall districts reportedly been distributing absentee ballots with return instructions that would render the votes ineligible.

See attached complaint here.

“Scott Walker has sought the help of the corporate front group “Americans For Prosperity,” and here they come with dirty tricks clearly meant to meddle in our elections and suppress votes against the Koch Brothers’ agenda,”  Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Wisconsin’s election authorities must stop the black hand of the corporate special interests and their front groups who are trying to strangle democracy in our state and support the six Republican senators now facing recall.

These six Republicans must immediately denounce the AFP scheme or it will signal to the public that they endorse the suppression of Wisconsin votes.”