WisDems Launch "End Medicare: Draft Paul Ryan" Campaign

Aug 16, 2011

MADISON-Wisconsin Democrats on Wednesday launched a (tongue-in-cheek) plan to draft Paul Ryan for the Republican presidential nomination, in light of a recent swirl of breathless stories about the architect of the plan to end Medicare.

Beginning as an Internet petition, and continuing later in the week in various social media platforms, the campaign asks voters to “End Medicare: Draft Paul Ryan.”

In the face of a lackluster Republican field, Republican navel-gazers have been promoting a Ryan presidential run-a cloud of speculation doubtless fueled by Ryan’s own public relations army.

“Paul Ryan has sought the close company of hedge fund managers over $350 bottles of wine to discuss his plans to end Medicare, but has since sought to hide from the people of Wisconsin to discuss his radical budget,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “While we would never wish him to become president, we do wish he would become the Republican nominee so that there are more opportunities to explain why seniors should sacrifice their ages-old guarantee of Medicare coverage to finance tax cuts for billionaires. That’s why if you like what Paul Ryan is selling, we urge voters to, “End Medicare: Draft Paul Ryan.””

Draft Paul Ryan