WisDems: The Truth Behind Republican Lies About Sandy Pasch

Aug 01, 2011

Q: Why are Sen. Alberta Darling, Conservative Talk Radio and Republicans lying about Sandy Pasch, and making outrageous accusations with absolutely no evidence or proof?

A: As Sen. Darling says herself, “I’m not sure (I’m going to win).”

MADISON — The truth behind the false and manufactured smears against Sandy Pasch was revealed in full today at the Milwaukee Press Club, when Sen. Alberta Darling confessed to the media panel that “I’m not sure (I’m going to win).”

“Sen. Alberta Darling is in an absolute freefall, and voters stand poised to recall her in just one week.  That’s why we are seeing at the 11th hour these phony, trumped-up accusations with absolutely no basis in fact — Sen. Darling, conservative talk radio and the Republicans are terrified of losing this race,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate.

See Sen. Darling’s stunning admission at today’s Newsmaker Luncheon here: