BREAKING: Reid Ribble's Residency: More Questions than Answers

Sep 12, 2011

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following revelations today that 8th Congressional District Congressman Reid Ribble resides in the 6th Congressional District.

“The news today that Reid Ribble does not live in the Congressional District he purports to represent creates more questions than answers. Clearly, he has taken steps to hide the truth about his residency. Did he ever live in the 8th Congressional District to begin with? Did he purposely interfere in redistricting legislation to change the map to include his longtime residence in a new district? If that’s the case, was he truthful with the press and with voters about his residency?

Reid Ribble has not been honest with the people of his Congressional District and owes a fuller explanation than merely hiding behind handlers. His deceit speaks to a larger pattern, where Republicans believe in rules and standards for everyone but themselves.”