Republican Smell Test: Right-Wing Talkers Turn on Tommy Thompson

Sep 06, 2011

New WisDems Web Ad Highlights Growing Rift

 MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Wednesday released a new Web ad highlighting the widening divide between Senate hopeful Tommy Thompson and Wisconsin’s self-fashioned Tea Party kingmakers in right-wing talk radio.

Republican host Jerry Bader, for instance, said that Tommy Thompson’s candidacy did not pass the “smell test.”

Read the transcript and watch the video here.

“Whether declaring that Tommy Thompson has never really been a conservative to outright mocking his candidacy, the right-wing Tea Party kingmakers are not buying into Thompson’s campaign,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Wednesday. “It might be better for Tommy Thompson if he keeps his day job in Washington as a corporate lobbyist, since his Tea Party friends in Wisconsin aren’t rolling out the welcome mat.”

JB: The Jerry Bader Show, 10:48. Let me tell you what I think’s happening here with this Thompson-Neumann feud. There were dealbreakers with Reagan, and there are and should be with conservatives today, and I believe Thompson will not pass the modern smell test. Simple fact is Tommy Thompson has never been a conservative. A Republican, yes. A conservative, no. 

VM: Welcome to the program, this is NewsTalk 1130, WISN, and very big news on the announcement that Herb Kohl is going to retire. We are simply throwing out a net today, okay, so I’m kind of surprised nobody said Tommy Thompson, because what we’re doing is casting a wide net. Let’s go to Craig in Saint; I would not want to see Governor Thompson run, but Craig in St. Francis, welcome to the program.

MB: Standing up for Milwaukee, this is the Mark Belling late afternoon show on NewsTalk 1130 WISN. It’s a very good column. It is a mocking of the notion of Tommy Thompson running for the United States Senate. As I said, it mocks the notion of Tommy trying to remake himself for the times that we are in.

PS: Good morning. Welcome to Feedback for this Thursday edition, along with Tom King, Pat Snyder. What do you think, Tommy Thompson putting a committee together. 
TK: Tommy Thompson taking a lot of criticism from conservatives for being a big spending governor and being part of the federal system when he was a cabinet secretary involved in increasing spending as well.
PS: It would be nice to ask questions of why he thought it was okay to spend more.

CS: Going me now on the line is the former Governor of the state of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson. How are you sir?
TT: I am doing well Charlie. I hope you are as well. A lot of people that will want to get on my campaign when I do decide to make the announcement.
CS: They want to make sure you’re not going to pull a Brett Favre on us.
TT: I’m not gonna be a Brett Favre.
CS: Alright Governor, thanks for joining us. I appreciate it very much.