Scott Walker Reneges on Resolving Budget-Created Conflict, Leaves Milwaukee in Lurch

Sep 28, 2011

MADISON-As localities across the state continue to make the tough choices that Scott Walker wouldn’t in his failed “budget bill,” Scott Walker continues to leave Milwaukee in the lurch on budget questions created by his radical plans.

In fact, on May 23, the Walker administration stated that a response to the administration of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s concerns about resolving a legal conflict resulting from the Walker budget would be coming within the week. 

Yet as Barrett introduced his budget this week, the Walker administration had not lifted a finger to help resolve the crucial budget issues relating to pension contributions raised by the Milwaukee City Attorney.

“There are millions of dollars and thousands of Wisconsin taxpayers left in the lurch by Scott Walker’s radical and ill-designed budget, and in this case, his administration has failed to help resolve the resulting conflicts,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “This leads to the terrible conclusion, that Scott Walker’s budget wasn’t really about saving money or about making government better: It was about raw political power.”