The Candidacy of Tammy Baldwin

Sep 05, 2011

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin’s entry today into the U.S. Senate race to succeed Sen. Herb Kohl.

“After weeks of watching the Republican Senate candidates engage in a Tea Party horror show where each promises to lurch further and further to the right, and to listen to a smaller and smaller band of corporate special interests and extremist radio talk show hosts, the entry of the Tammy Baldwin into the race is a welcome departure.


While she may not be the only Democrat to enter the race, Congresswoman Baldwin will clearly be a strong voice for Wisconsin’s middle class, workers, farm families, seniors, students and less fortunate. Meanwhile, Republicans have made clear that their assault on the middle class will leave prosperity only to those very rich who can afford it.

Congresswoman Baldwin will turn the debate away from the petty right-wing ideologies of the misnamed “Club for Growth” of Scott Walker and of Paul Ryan and back to where it belongs:To the creation of family-sustaining jobs and the preservation of our middle class.”