Tea Party says "Hell No!" to Tommy Thompson

Sep 13, 2011

New WisDems Web Ad Highlights Lack of Enthusiasm

MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Wednesday released a new Web ad highlighting the growing rift between Senate hopeful and Washington lobbyist Tommy Thompson and Tea Party Republican activists. Thompson’s recent troubles with Wisconsin’s self-fashioned Tea Party kingmakers in right-wing talk radio have put a crimp in his candidacy, with the talkers saying Thompson’s candidacy did not pass the “smell test.”

Today’s Web ad shows how unpalatable Thompson is to the Tea Party. One man proclaimed that he would “do his very best to make sure he [Tommy Thompson] wasn’t the nominee”, while numerous others pined for an alternative.

Read the transcript and watch the video here.

“Whether calling him out of touch or downright declaring ‘God no!’ to the thought of a Tommy Thompson candidacy, the Tea Party extremists who dominate the Republican Party are not buying into Thompson’s campaign,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on Wednesday. “Probably better for him to keep his job as a Washington corporate lobbyist.”   


MAN 1: No, no way.

WOMAN 1: No.

MAN 2: Not in these times, no.

MAN 3: No.

WOMAN 2: [Shakes head no.]

Dan Sebring: Boy, it depends on who else gets in the race. Right now he’s not my favorite.

Kim Simac: I’m gonna go get something to eat.

MAN 4: Well, I don’t know what our alternatives are, you know?

WOMAN 3: I think we need somebody younger. Some young conservatives.

MAN 2: I think times have passed him by. He was always in the middle of the road. He was a big spender. The state of Wisconsin could afford it when he was governor. The revenues were up. In these times, no.

MAN 5: But at this point, we need new guys like Ron Johnson, Reid Ribble.

MAN 4: If we have somebody better who’s more conservative like a Ron Johnson or you know, somebody like that, we’d probably be better off.

MAN 5: We need new blood.

MAN 7: I would do my very best to make sure he’s not the nominee, so if that’s what you want to know. [Laughter]

WOMAN 4: Do you think Tommy Thompson is conservative enough to run?

MAN 8: Oh hell no! Oh, God no! Get him out of here! Buh bye Tommy.