Congressman Sean Duffy Poses in Washington While Failing Wisconsin

Oct 13, 2011

Duffy’s Misplaced Priorities on Full Display in Washington Post While Breaking His Word to Wisconsin

MADISON-  “Struggling” Sean Duffy is really on a roll this week. First he found time to kick off a $5,000-per-head party for what Politico billed as a “charm offensive for the Washington establishment.” Now, he is prominently featured posing on the D.C. waterfront for the Washington Post Lifestyle section.

Yet, this is the ninth month now that Congressman Duffy failed to meet the promises he made when running for Congress. Congressman Duffy claimed he would not vote to repeal health care reform without an alternative, but as soon as he was elected did just the opposite. Since then, Duffy has repeatedly broken his word on standing up to Republicans in Congress and producing an alternative. It even seems pretty clear where Congressman Duffy’s priorities are in Washington, and they have nothing to do with keeping his word to Wisconsin families.

“”Struggling” Sean Duffy spends more time posing in Washington than standing up for Wisconsin and when it comes to keeping his word to hard-working Wisconsin families, he just cant deliver,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “”Struggling” Sean Duffy has no time for the people of the north woods. Duffy DOES have time to mock their way of life in Washington.