MORE PROOF IT’S NOT WORKING: Scott Walker’s Budget Cuts Lead to “Dwindling” Opportunities for Students in Pepin School District

Oct 12, 2011

MADISON – As local budget season wears on, more localities and school districts are faced with a bleak financial future that proves Walker’s misrepresentation that his “tools” are working is simply not reality.

As reported by The Capital Times, students in the rural Pepin School District returned to school this fall to the following changes as a result of Scott Walker’s $1.6 billion cuts to public education:

  • Elimination of a rural bus route, meaning many students will ride the bus for more than an hour, morning and evening.
  • Elimination of a program for struggling math students.
  • Reduced time from reading specialists.
  • All sports and art programs will be shared with neighboring districts.

According to Pepin School District Superintendent Bruce Quinton, the kids’ “opportunities are dwindling.”

“Wisconsin has always been recognized for its excellence in education, but Scott Walker’s radical budget cuts show that he no longer wishes for Wisconsin to lead the pack,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “When school districts are forced to eliminate support for struggling students, that’s one more sign to Scott Walker and his “tools” –  It’s Not Working.”