Republican Plots Against Democracy Will Not Stop Recall

Oct 27, 2011

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to impending moves by the Republican Legislature to require notarized signatures for recall petitions as well as add a confusing and overlaying system of rules for Senate and Assembly recall election dates.

“History will judge this new adventure by Scott Walker Republicans for what it is. Tyranny, pure and simple.

In the face of recall, and with the people ready to have their voices heard, Republicans are attempting to thwart, entangle and confuse a process built into the Wisconsin Constitution as a protection for the people.

Scott Walker himself voted  in 1999 for Assembly Bill 700, the changes his party now seeks to undo. They are on their crusade not because it makes Wisconsin democracy stronger, it makes Wisconsin democracy fairer or it makes Wisconsin democracy more just. They seek the changes for one reason alone: To preserve power.

These are not the actions of a legislative body or governor, these are the actions of the military junta of a Third World nation. But there is a reckoning coming that no amount of anti-democratic plotting will derail. In the end, the Scott Walker plots against democracy will not stop his recall.”