Scott Walker Health Czar Dennis Smith Announces Massive Cuts to Medicaid

Sep 30, 2011

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following reports that Scott Walker’s extremist health care czar, Dennis Smith, plans to slash $554 million from Medicaid.

“Everything about Scott Walker’s announcement to slash more than half a billion dollars from Medicaid funding reeks of hypocrisy.

When it comes to managing public health care programs, Scott Walker has already shown us that he is incapable of providing competent governance. As County Executive, Walker was stripped of control over Milwaukee County’s public health programs, after his years of his mismanagement, under-funding and ineptitude, despite millions of dollars and thousands of hours in resources from the state, led to thousands of deserving Milwaukee County applicants being denied assistance for food and health care for weeks or months, if they received help at all.

This proposal is vintage Scott Walker –  full of “funny math” and one-time fixes that might pay for a few more tax breaks for his super-rich friends, but do nothing to help ensure that Wisconsin’s public health programs work well for those in need.”


Scott Walker Administration to Cut $554 Million in Medicaid Funding. Scott Walker appointee Dennis Smith, who was granted unilateral authority to make sweeping changes to Wisconsin’s health care programs under the so-called “budget repair bill,” released a list of proposed cuts to Medicaid. [2011-2013 “Medicaid Efficiencies,” Wisconsin Department of Health Services]

Scott Walker Loses Control of Milwaukee County’s Public Assistance Programs.  In an unprecedented move, the state stripped Milwaukee County of its role in administering food aid, child care and medical assistance programs after years of mismanagement. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/3/09]

Scott Walker Leaves County Child Care Funds Un-Spent, Position Un-Filled.  As County Executive, Scott Walker leaves millions unspent on Milwaukee County’s child care administration – money that could have been used to identify and investigate fraud. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/1/09] [State Rep. Grigsby, 10/19/09]