Scott Walker Uses Taxpayer Resources for Recall Campaign Website

Oct 23, 2011


Campaign Should Pay Back the People

MADISON-In another outrageous abuse of taxpayer resources and in the face of imminent recall, Scott Walker was using taxpayer resources to fund a website to justify his failed policies and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin called on his campaign to reimburse the costs to the people of Wisconsin.

Even though Wisconsin has lost jobs every single month since his budget passed and unemployment has risen from 7.4 to 7.9 percent; even though almost every single school district in Wisconsin has seen massive cuts in funding; even though health care benefits for tens of thousands of Wisconsinites have been cut; and even though overall spending by Walker has risen, Walker’s taxpayer-funded campaign website seeks to create a fog.
Scott Walker has a history of using taxpayer resources for personal political gain and an ongoing criminal corruption “John Doe” probe out of Milwaukee is reportedly investigating, among other things, the way his Milwaukee County office was used as a campaign shop.

“Scott Walker is well-versed in using taxpayer money to promote his political career and the campaign website he launched today is a laughable example of what happens when politicians panic in the face of accountability,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “If Wisconsin is so broke, it stands to reason that there is no money to pay for a website that papers over a terrible record of fewer jobs, more unemployment and fewer services for the people affected by his terrible budget. Scott Walker’s campaign has money to spare-and they should reimburse they people of Wisconsin for the production and maintenance of this insulting propaganda.