SELF-PROMOTION: Scott Walker Ally David Clarke Awaits"Group of Businessmen"

Oct 13, 2011


MILWAUKEE-Preening Scott Walker ally David Clarke, the Milwaukee politician most favored by Waukesha Republicans, told a reporter that he awaited a “group of businessmen” to help finance a run for Milwaukee County executive.
Clarke made the bizarre comments as he sought to deflect attention from his refusal to bring needed reforms to his budget-protected for years by his Tea Party ally, Scott Walker, even as other county agencies shouldered massive cuts.
Clarke has often flirted with higher office, losing badly in a 2004 bid for Milwaukee mayor.
“At a time when all hands are needed to save Milwaukee County from the financial ruin caused by eight years of Scott Walker rule, it is shameful that David Clarke is spending his time doing the thing he does best-preening in the mirror and promoting himself,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said.