"Struggling" Sean Duffy's Booze-Fueled "Charm Offensive" With D.C. Establishment

Oct 12, 2011

Time To Party, No Time to Legislate

MADISON-“Struggling” Sean Duffy found time this week to kick off a $5,000-per-head, booze-filled party for what Politico billed as a “charm offensive for the Washington establishment,” even while failing for the ninth month in a row to introduce the mystery health care legislation he promised residents of the 7th Congressional District.

Duffy was a headliner for  the kickoff cotillion for Tuesday’s “1600 Society,”  an exclusive club of lobbyists and Washington dandies.

After telling north woods voters that he “struggles” on his $174,000 Congressional salary, Duffy, a former reality tee-vee star, voted against health care reforms, with the fantasy claim that he was going to author legislation to replace it.

” How fitting that”Struggling” Sean Duffy finds time to booze it up in a “charm offensive” with lobbyists and Washington dandies, since these are the people for whom he has gone to Washington to represent,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “But there is nothing charming, and everything offensive about the fact that, while he raises champagne toasts in Washington, he has neglected his duties as a legislator in a thin web of lies.”