The Jig is Up: Super Lobbyist Tommy Thompson Had 30 Days to File Personal Financial Disclosure – 30 Days Is Up on Friday

Oct 30, 2011

MADISON-The countdown commences today.  In just five days, D.C. super lobbyist Tommy Thompson must disclose all his personal financial dealings, including all the sleazy corporate and special interests that line his pockets in exchange for Tommy’s influence in Washington D.C.
Tommy filed his statement of candidacy for US Senate with the Federal Election Commission on October 3, which means has 30 days from that date to file his financial disclosure form. Thirty days is up this Friday.
“We know that Tommy Thompson is a super lobbyist in Washington D.C. who profits by helping special interests gain influence and special access,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “What we don’t know is who those shady interests are and how much Tommy profits. The jig is up and finally that changes this Friday.”
In the past, Tommy has been unwilling to disclose even how many corporate boards he sits on, leading to disgust by even conservatives and Tea Party activists.