Washington Lobbyist Tommy Thompson Refuses to Cut-Or Even Name-Corporate Ties

Oct 17, 2011

Though A Candidate, Says He Will Make Yet Another Announcement in Spring 

MADISON-Speaking to reporters after one of his serial campaign announcements Monday, promising yet another in the spring, Washington lobbyist Tommy Thompson told reporters that not only would he not cut ties to the corporations for whom he has received millions, but he would not even let Wisconsin voters know their names.

Cashing in on his position as a former cabinet secretary for George W. Bush, Thompson has represented various corporations big and small-but continues to dodge questions about who he represents, and last year couldn’t even enumerate the number of corporate boards he serves.

“Tommy Thompson’s transformation from a tax-and-spend governor to a Washington lobbyist is apparently complete,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “While he’s comfortable duping the press into continual “announcements of his candidacy, Thompson does not feel that the people of Wisconsin deserve to know who is writing his paychecks and yet he wants the people of Wisconsin to write HIM another paycheck. Until the public is given a clear picture of his vast corporate ties, the impression remains that Tommy Thompson merely wants a seat in the U.S. Senate to expand his lobbying operation.”