In Ohio, A Glimpse at Wisconsin's Past-And Future

Nov 07, 2011

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following tonight’s win for the middle class in Ohio, where voters rejected the Republican assault on collective bargaining rights.

“The movement that began in Wisconsin in the chill of last winter and spread to Ohio has achieved a great victory tonight, offering hope to our next great task at hand which begins Nov. 15th, the recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

Like his counterpart in Ohio, Walker undertook a heavy-handed attack on the working families of his state and, tonight, a great grassroots coalition shone a path to victory against the amassed power and might of the corporations – for whom both these Koch Brothers governors serve in puppet fashion.

Ohio’s decision was limited to their governor’s assault on collective bargaining. In Wisconsin, the insult goes even deeper, to our greatest institutions and shared traditions. In Ohio tonight, it was the remedy of the referendum. In Wisconsin, our reformers gave the people the tool of recall. Let it be that in both cases, it is the voice of the people – and not the corporations – who will be heard.”