It's Not Working: Wisconsin Loses Another 9,700 Jobs

Nov 16, 2011

More than 27,600 Wisconsin workers have lost their jobs since Scott Walker signed his budget
MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement today on the jobs report that shows that Wisconsin lost another 9,700 jobs, including 3,400 good-paying manufacturing jobs in October:

“Wisconsin is now seeing the results of Scott Walker’s so called “reforms.” The numbers are in and they show that as Wisconsinites are preparing for Thanksgiving and the holidays, more workers are getting pink slips as a result of Scott Walker’s failure to focus on job creation. 

“Today’s job numbers come on the same day that news reports revealed that Scott Walker’s budget has a $3 billion deficit. Last year, Scott Walker promised to make the tough choices to balance our state’s budget and create jobs. Instead of focusing on working together to do just that, he chose to divide and polarize our state by launching an assault on Wisconsin workers to give $2.8 billion in tax giveaways to the rich and to huge corporations that ship our jobs overseas.

“Scott Walker campaigned on the promise of creating jobs, but while the country has gained jobs, Wisconsin has lost jobs every month since he signed his anti-worker budget in June. Wisconsin workers and families can’t afford Scott Walker as governor any longer. He must be recalled and replaced with a governor who takes job creation seriously.”