Republicans Must Investigate Their Own Illegal Recall Activity

Nov 13, 2011

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s stated claim that it wanted to “monitor” recall circulators and uphold the “integrity” of the recall process.

“Given the dirty tricks and deception that have become the hallmark of Scott Walker’s political machine, it comes as no shock that his Republican Party has devised a scheme to wreak havoc and sow confusion as Wisconsin begins a recall that will hold him accountable.

This website represents an effort to intimidate petition circulators and signers and frighten them away from exercising their constitutional right to exercise the recall tool.

The so-called “Recall Integrity Center” is manned and reviewed by the same bad actors that brought us “shots for signatures,” names of the dead on recall petitions and an elaborate, illegal and fraudulent scheme designed to suppress Democratic votes in the state Senate recalls, and whose supporters have publicly stated their intent to disenfranchise Wisconsin citizens who seek to recall Governor Walker by inducing them to sign fake recall petitions and then destroying signed recall petitions.

Entrusting Scott Walker’s Republican Party to keep vigil over the recall process is like leaving the foxes to guard the hen house. Their previous actions leave no room for any reasonable person to believe that they will act in the best interests of Wisconsin voters, and every reason to believe that they will do and say anything to preserve Scott Walker’s stranglehold on political power.

Beginning today, and to give the lie to their sincerity, we will download to their website for their review real instances of illegal recall activity-their own.”