Thanksgiving Statement 2011

Nov 22, 2011

MADISON — Following is the Thanksgiving statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

“While Wisconsin’s working families will count their blessings and give thanks for their modest meals this Thanksgiving, the very rich and powerful will have much more to celebrate this Thursday in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin.

Walker himself can be thankful for the $7,300 raise he is taking, the fine health care and pension benefits he is receiving, and the accountability he has ducked as Wisconsin has lost thousands of jobs on his watch — including the 9,700 last month alone. His cronies can be thankful for massive giveaways, tax gifts and release from any moral obligation to our community.

The polluters and corporations that harm consumers may be thankful for the new roadblocks put in the way to weed out their wrongdoing. The nursing home that abuses may be thankful that their liability has been limited. Those rich enough to pay for private education may be thankful that, unlike the rest of the state, their children won’t have to go to schools with larger class sizes, fewer teachers and diminished resources up-and-down the line.

Those job seekers who require government assistance can be thankful that Walker Republicans only made them wait a week to receive the insurance they require — they could have made them sweat it out for a month.

Those working families and their children being kicked off their health insurance this holiday season can be thankful that…Well, maybe they don’t have a lot for which to be thankful.

But at least all of Wisconsin can give thanks that reformers put into our Constitution the tool of recall, so that we, as a people, may remove governors whose only giving is to the rich and powerful few.”