Washington Lobbyist Tommy Thompson Caught on Tape

Nov 06, 2011

Won’t Disclose Financial Ties, But Lurks at D.C. Campaign Shakedown

MADISON-The Democratic Party of Wisconsin released video today showing Washington lobbyist Tommy Thompson Friday as he left a D.C. fundraiser at a right-wing power-broking firm, two days after his campaign announced it would continue to conceal from the public Thompson’s wide-ranging lobbying and financial ties.

The fundraiser was at the BGR Group, a lobbying firm that represents several foreign governments involved in jobs losses in Wisconsin and has financial ties to Scott Walker Republicans.

In the WisDems video, Thompson is shown leaving the offices of the firm for his limousine.

Watch the video here.

“D.C. lobbyist Tommy Thompson won’t tell the people of Wisconsin the firms and corporations he represents and yet he goes to a Washington warren of secrecy and influence to shake down campaign cash in the same venue where foreign governments plot to take away American jobs,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Does anyone believe that behind closed doors, these D.C. special interests are telling Tommy what’s best for Wisconsin-or are they securing guarantees for their own bottom line?”