WisDems Release New Ad 'Scott Walker: He's Not Working For Us'

Nov 17, 2011

WisDems Release New Ad ‘Scott Walker: He’s Not Working For Us’
Ad Highlights Scott Walker’s Failure to Create Better Days for Working Families

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today launched a new ad in response to Scott Walker’s misleading campaign advertisement in which he says, “Wisconsin’s best days are yet to come.” The reality is Scott Walker’s “reforms” have created massive economic uncertainty for Wisconsin workers and families as 27,600 jobs have been lost in our state since Scott Walker signed his budget into law.

“Wisconsin workers have been getting handed pink slips every month since Scott Walker signed his budget in June,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Wisconsin’s best days will only come after we recall Scott Walker and elect a governor that will fight for working, middle-class families.”

The ad, entitled ‘Scott Walker: He’s Not Working For Us,’ showcases how Scott Walker’s “reforms” have rewarded his billionaire campaign donors while causing increased unemployment and job losses for Wisconsin workers. In addition to Scott Walker’s dismal record on jobs, middle-class communities across Wisconsin are struggling with the effects of Scott Walker’s decision to slash $1.6 billion from public education and $544 million from health care to pay for $2.8 billion in tax cuts for the super-rich and the out-of-state corporations that are sending our jobs overseas.

Watch the ad on YouTube: http://youtu.be/2-wWFrdIFZ0

Read the ad script:

Scott Walker: He’s Not Working For Us

Scott Walker: Wisconsin’s best days are yet to come…

Screen: Progress: ?

Audio: Since Scott Walker has been Wisconsin governor, unemployment has gone up

Screen: Scott Walker: 9,300 Private-Sector Jobs Lost in October (Journal Sentinel, November 17,2011)

Audio: The biggest cuts in public education in the entire country

Screen: Scott Walker: $1.85 Billion Slashed from Education

Audio: Cuts about a half billion from the state medicaid program

Screen: Scott Walker: $554 Million Cut from Health Care (WKOW Madison, September 30, 2011)

Audio: Basically soaked the middle-class and the poor to reward the rich

Screen: Video of working and middle-class people

Audio: Koch Industries was the fourth largest donor during his 2010 campaign

Screen: Images of Charles and David Koch and data showing Koch Industries as a top donor to Scott Walker’s campaign

Audio: These billionaires have been buying up the governors to make sure they never have to pay taxes again

Screen: Video of Scott Walker

Audio: And they’re doing everything they to crush the bottom

Screen: Scott Walker: Billions in Tax Cuts to the Rich

Scott Walker: You know, Wisconsin’s best days have yet to come

Screen: Progress: For Who?

Screen: Scott Walker: He’s Not Working For Us

Watch the ad on YouTube: http://youtu.be/2-wWFrdIFZ0