BREAKING: "Struggling" Sean Duffy's Payroll Tax Hypocrisy

Dec 21, 2011

MADISON — After promising to stay in Washington and then leaving for a Wisconsin press junket defending Tea Party extremism to prevent extending the payroll tax cut, “Struggling” Sean Duffy now is suggesting to reporters that he supports the bipartisan extension he already voted to block.

Seventh Congressional District Challenger Pat Kreitlow has been calling on Sean Duffy to stop caving to extremism and party leadership and not raise taxes on the middle class. Kreitlow called out Duffy for supporting tax breaks for billionaires but raising taxes on middle income families. He said this has been another example of Duffy’s failure to stand up to his party and for supporting extreme measures in Washington but saying something entirely different in Wisconsin. 

Following is Democratic Partyp of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate’s response:

“”Struggling” Sean Duffy does and says one thing in Washington and does and says very different things when he leaves his cocktail and sushi parties and returns to the north woods of Wisconsin. Duffy says he struggles on his $174,000 salary, so the thousand or so dollars that the payroll tax represents to working families may mean only a few nice bottles of wine to him. It means quite a different thing to people who actually are struggling in an economy still recovering from Wall Street greed.

Duffy left his job in Washington on a self-serving press junket after claiming he’d stay around to do the people’s business. Now that his hypocrisy has been exposed, Duffy is changing his tune yet again. It’s the same pattern we’ve seen with his failed promises on health care reform and dating back to his time as a district attorney who spent more time off work than actually doing his job.

The 7th Congressional District needs somebody who is going to work tirelessly for the middle class-not somebody more interested in partisan political gain who changes his tune whenever he is faced with any type of accountability after effectively raising taxes on the middle class.”