ICYMI: Scott Walker’s Republican Party Worked in Conjunction With Big Party Bosses at the Republican National Committee on Partisan Redistricting Power Grab

Dec 28, 2011

MADISON – This week, startling details emerged from the federal court case challenging the radical, unconstitutional redistricting plot hatched by Scott Walker’s Republican Party, including revelations that the maps were provided in advance to Walker’s big party bosses at the Republican National Committee.

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Testimony from Adam Foltz, an aide to Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald tasked to draw the legislative maps, despite having no prior experience working on redistricting, revealed that copies of the legislative and congressional maps were provided to the RNC before they were passed, raising even more serious concerns about the process and the maps themselves.

Foltz also revealed that he had been in contact regarding redistricting with Andy Speth, chief of staff for Medicare-ending Paul Ryan, who is heavily protected by the Republican maps.

“Scott Walker and his Republican Party hatched a redistricting plan that violated Wisconsin’s traditions in bypassing the work of localities and spurned more than a century of norms and standards meant so that Wisconsin’s communities are represented properly, all to preserve Republican majorities for years to come,” Democratic Party of
Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Now as the truth comes out, we see that their reason for bypassing local participation was to turn the process over to the party bosses in Washington. This is further proof that Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and the Fitzgerald Brothers are concerned only with consolidating political power of the Republican
Party of Wisconsin so that they can carry water for the wealthy special interests who finance their pay-to-play government.”