ICYMI: Superintendent of Teacher in New Walker TV Ad Debunks Claims of Success

Dec 08, 2011

MADISON — Scott Walker’s new anti-recall TV ad features Monona Grove School District teacher Jeff Knutson painting a rosy picture of how the district weathered Walker’s enormous cuts to their budget, claiming the cuts did no damage at all.

The claims in the ad couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Knutson’s boss, Monona Grove School District Superintendent Craig Gerlach, as well as new research unearthed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Far from being a shining example of Walker’s success, the district had to lay-off teachers, cut needed programs and even closed a building.

See Gerlach speak about the reality of Walker’s harmful cuts and the fabrications made in the latest ad here.

Read the WisDems research on the Monona Grove School District here.

“It’s one thing for Scott Walker to lie to the people of Wisconsin. It’s something we’ve become used to,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “But now he’s enlisting others in his deceit to whitewash the vast devastation he’s brought to our system of public education. The depth of dishonesty in Scott Walker’s attempts to fend of his recall highlight the need for his recall in the first place.”