Mitt Romney’s $10,000 Bet is Proof of Disconnect from Reality

Dec 11, 2011

MADISON – Following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on the $10,000 bet offered by Mitt Romney to Rick Perry during the Iowa Republican Presidential Debate over the weekend.

“During the debate in Iowa on Saturday night, Mitt Romney showed how out-of-touch he is with America’s middle class by offering fellow rich Republican Rick Perry a $10,000 bet — soon after after Romney himself dismissed a payroll tax cut saving middle-class families an average of $1,500 as a ‘temporary little Band-Aid.’

Every time we think he could not be more off-base with middle-class families in America, he outdoes himself again. The fact that this is the same candidate who believes that ‘corporations are people’ again proves Mitt Romney doesn’t have a clue what it takes for everyday residents in Wisconsin and around the country to make ends meet.”

Romney smiles and flashes some big money corporate cash