Statement on Latest "Special Session" on Jobs

Dec 07, 2011

MADISON — Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following the end of the latest public relations “special session” meant to create the impression Scott Walker is focused on jobs.

“Strike three, you’re out. Wisconsin leads the nation in job loss and Scott Walker’s puppet Legislature convened for a third time to create the impression this administration was focused on the welfare of anyone but the richest.

Beside punishing actual job seekers by making them wait longer for life-and-death unemployment benefits, kicking sick kids off BadgerCare in time for Christmas and allowing people to hide guns in their pants in the Capitol, what have these sessions done? Certainly nothing to improve the job climate in Wisconsin, even while we watch neighboring states like Illinois enjoy modest success.

Wisconsin has lost jobs every single month since Scott Walker’s disastrous budget and his lapdog Legislature has spent their time in Madison crafting new ways to give our state over to corporate special interests. The jobs sessions were nothing more than public relations ploys to distract the public as Wisconsin was sold off to the highest bidder. Now, Scott Walker must account for his latest failure for when he talks about jobs, we know the only one he really cares about is his own.”