"Struggling" Sean Duffy to Luxuriate with Special Interest Campaign Donors at Event for Tea Party Elite

Dec 15, 2011

MADISON – As families all over Wisconsin struggle to prepare for a leaner holiday season and a New Year filled with economic uncertainty, “Struggling” Sean Duffy is preparing to raise champagne toasts with the Tea Party elite at an exclusive, invitation-only country club in the Florida Keys.

The January event, billed as the “2012 Freshmen Family & Fishing Weekend,” will take place at the Ocean Reef Club, an invitation-only club in the Florida Keys that comes with an eye-popping $215,000 membership fee and annual dues of $8,200. The event features Duffy and 11 other House Tea Party freshmen along with “special guests” Spencer Bachus, who believes that Congress is obligated to serve the needs of Wall Street banks, and Pete Sessions, who missed the 112th Congress’ swearing-in ceremony because he was at a campaign fundraiser.

“Whether he’s flying in the Duffy family’s usual Christmas sushi or flying himself down to a members-only country club where he can shake down Tea Party cash from the millionaires and billionaires who benefit from his partisan votes to end Medicare and raise taxes on working families, Congressman Sean Duffy’s out of touch priorities know no bounds,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “This holiday season, “Struggling” Sean Duffy should get a clue and remember who he actually works for.”