As Recall Wraps Up, Scott Walker Dodges Snow to Kiss Rings of Extremist Texas Donors

Jan 11, 2012

MADISON — With Wisconsin facing snow storms, Scott Walker ran off to warmer climes, kissing the rings of the Texas extremists who count in their numbers his biggest donor, the “Swift Boat” coward who funded ads attacking Vietnam veterans.

Walker also was scheduled to be in Texas at the same time that other right-wing Republican extremists were gathering at a ranch in a last-ditch “Stop Romney” push.

Walker was fleeing the state at the same time that a grassroots coalition was readying Tuesday to submit petitions to trigger his recall.

“Given the criminal corruption probe, dismal jobs numbers and the whole-scale rejection by Wisconsin of his extreme agenda, we’re sure that Scott Walker will find warmer climes and an even warmer welcome among his right-wing fellow travelers in Texas,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “While he’s kissing the ring of ‘Swift Boat’ cowards and Texas billionaires, Wisconsin will be digging out not only from the snows, but from the radical Scott Walker agenda that has put our future at risk.”