BIZARRE: Scott Walker Health Czar Picks Inexperienced Texas Home-Schooled Nurse for Top Post

Jan 12, 2012

MADISON — Scott Walker’s extremist health care czar has picked a home-schooled nurse from Texas with no relevant experience for a top public health position responsible for emergency preparedness.

Dennis Smith, who as a Bush administration official tried to kill Wisconsin’s SeniorCare program and who has been the hatchet man for Scott Walker against BadgerCare, SeniorCare and Family Care, appointed an oncology nurse from Tyler, Tex., to be the state’s new health officer.

According to a report in The Capital Times, the inexperienced nurse appeared to have been picked because of her right-wing ideology.

“The health of the people of Wisconsin and our emergency preparedness should not be put into the hands of a nurse from Texas with no experience and who got the job solely because she subscribes the a radical ideology that turns its back on sick people,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Here is another example of Scott Walker’s right-wing ideology trumping the good of the people of Wisconsin.”