Scott Walker Irony as Wisconsin Reels from Education Cuts and Jobs Loss

Jan 08, 2012

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following a Scott Walker public relations push over the ironically named, “Wisconsin Working”:

“Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin leads the nation in jobs loss. Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin has absorbed the biggest cuts to education and vocational technical training – $2.6 billion – in her history. So it is particularly ironic that Scott Walker would extol both in a coordinated push to whitewash his terrible record on both jobs and education.

Scott Walker believes that if he strings signs or initiates underfunded, poorly-designed programs he will be able to distract the public from what is a real and terrible record of salting the earth for jobs and for education in Wisconsin. The people of Wisconsin can make the distinction now and see the gaping disconnect between what Scott Walker does and what he says, and their verdict will be rendered shortly.”