Six Months of Scott Walker's Extreme Policies Lead to 35,600 Jobs Lost

Jan 18, 2012

MADISON — Wisconsin lost 3,900 private sector jobs in December, a grim fact that is quickly becoming the hallmark of Scott Walker’s administration.

The new labor market data shows that, while the nation as a whole added 212,000 jobs, Wisconsin continues to shed jobs at an astonishing rate. For the sixth straight month — every month since Scott Walker signed his destructive budget — Wisconsin has lost jobs, bringing the total to more than 35,600 jobs lost.

“While Scott Walker is off raising cash in New York and Texas to protect his own job, his inattention and incompetence is costing jobs right here in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said. “For Scott Walker to even keep pace with his failed pledge to create jobs we would need to have added about 35,000 this month. Instead, we lost 3,900 private sector jobs, bringing the total number of jobs lost to more than 35,600. I know someone who can’t lose his job soon enough.”