Strong Senate Recall Slate a Harbinger of Victory

Jan 30, 2012

MADISON-Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following the announcement of former Rep. Kristen Dexter, Rep. Donna Seidel and former Sen. John Lehman as recall candidates in Eau Claire, Wausau and Racine recall districts, respectively.

“Lost in the recall of Scott Walker has been another miracle of democracy, the recall of three Republican senators who have helped enable and advance Walker’s destructive and divisive agenda.

With the announcement today of Kristin Dexter, Donna Seidel and John Lehman as candidates to replace Walker’s blindly loyal lieutenants, Democrats are poised to complete the job of taking back the Senate which was begun last spring.

Given the breathtaking and abusive scope of the Scott Walker agenda, and the immoderate actions of this Tea Party Legislature in its support, it was essential to wrest control of at least one of the bodies that has shamefully made Wisconsin a leader in jobs loss, cuts to education and health care, and political division.

This strong recall slate is a harbinger of victory.

Rep. Kristen Dexter balances a strong commitment to education with an understanding of how to promote rural development.

With her long career in public service and in our leadership in the Assembly, Rep. Donna Seidel stands to bring expertise and moderation to the Senate.

And Sen. John Lehman will bring new focus on jobs to an area that has been decimated by the reckless policies of greed celebrated by Tea Party Republicans.

The quality of our candidates reflects the seriousness of our purpose and will further advance the cause of the people of Wisconsin against the outside corporate interests to whom Scott Walker reports.”