WisDems Call on Scott Walker to End Tea Party GOP Delays, Sign Recall Pledge

Jan 18, 2012

MADISON — A day after Scott Walker claimed he wanted a recall election as soon as possible, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin sent his campaign a pledge to sign to end ongoing Tea Party Republican delays to the process.

More than a million Wisconsinites signed a petition demanding he be recalled. Those petitions were submitted Tuesday. But after months of Walker and Tea Party Republicans predicting both fraud and an inability of organizers to reach the threshold of 540,208 valid signatures, Walker now is changing his tune.

The pledge asks Walker to communicate his intentions to the Government Accountability Board and instruct the Tea Party Republicans he controls to cease and desist in any efforts to participate in what one Wisconsin journalist has dubbed, “The Recall Stall.”

“Today, we are asking Scott Walker to put his money where his mouth is and work to end “The Recall Stall” that has been his strategy for months. He is in full and total control of Tea Party Republicans in Wisconsin, so we ask him to instruct his fanatics to bow to his wishes. He also has the power to instruct his campaign to withdraw from any dilatory tactics, either with the Waukesha Republican judge they control, or with the Government Accountability Board that has been so accommodating to his frivolous concerns,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “A million Wisconsin men and women called for this election. Scott Walker should do what he says for once and take concrete steps to see that a recall election happens as soon as possible.”

A copy of the pledge can be read here.

A copy of Mike Tate’s letter to the Walker campaign can be read here.