A Secret Network in FitzWalkerstan

Feb 09, 2012

MADISON – As the shady Republican redistricting plot unfolds, it was yesterday revealed that top aides to the Fitzgerald Brothers have continued to perform their legislative work at the same law offices where they secretly crafted the illegal redistricting maps – months after the redistricting process was completed.

The news that Tad Ottman and Adam Foltz have continued to work outside of the Capitol since August comes following reports that they signed confidentiality agreements, which stated they were working at the direction of the GOP’s attorneys, and after several top aides to Scott Walker have been charged with conducting illegal activity on a secret network in his Milwaukee County administration.

“Ever since it was reported that Scott Walker’s close advisers were using a secret email network to campaign illegally on Walker’s behalf and conduct the people’s business outside of the sunshine, Wisconsin has wondered if Scott Walker brought his criminal culture to Madison,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “That the leaders of Scott Walker’s Republican Party are operating a shadow government to conceal their agenda from the public is a page right out of the Scott Walker playbook.  Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald Brothers must immediately shut down this secret operation and reassure the people that taxpayer business will be conducted in the open. The good news is that the people soon will have their chance to weigh in on these incredible abuses of power.”