As Criminal Corruption Probe Expands, Scott Walker Flees to Chicago

Feb 12, 2012

MADISON-As he continues to avoid questions about his connection to a growing criminal corruption probe, Scott Walker on Monday was scheduled to shake down corporate cash at a $5,000-per-table fundraiser  in Chicago, conveniently home to one of Walker’s pricey criminal defense lawyers.
Walker frequently lambastes Illinois and Chicago, but the criminal investigation swirling around his current and former aides and supporters bears more of a resemblance to the experience of recent governors there than in Wisconsin.
To get a table at Walker’s Chicago event today, interested fat cat fans were instructed to call a Texas number.
“Scott Walker apparently sees no irony in badmouthing Chicago, even while he goes there to seek advice from a silk-stocking criminal defense lawyer, to shake down sleazy corporate cash and to avoid questions about his role in criminal conspiracies in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “When it comes to ducking questions about his role in criminal acts in Wisconsin, Scott Walker apparently believes that Chicago is his kind of town.”