Big Talkers: WisDems Call on Scott Walker Team to Show Cards

Feb 06, 2012

After months of hysterical and misleading claims about the process, Scott Walker’s Tea Party Republicans boasted that they would quickly be able to “verify” recall petitions and prove whether or not there were enough signatures to trigger the recall of Walker.

By their own big-talking boasts, they have now had plenty of time to produce evidence that nearly half of the one million petition signatures are invalid or admit that their coordinated public relations campaign has amounted to nothing more than a stall tactic requested by Scott Walker himself.

“It’s time for Scott Walker’s Republican Party to stop its hysterical claim and show its cards. We knew that there would be a few invalid signatures – Republicans themselves solicited them,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “After months of false claims and misleading news reports, it’s time for Walker’s team to produce some 460,000 invalid recall signatures or else admit that all their mewling was more about discrediting the process and running out the clock to give Walker more time to build up his mountain of unregulated, unlimited and sleazy corporate campaign cash.”