Reid Ribble Works to Protect Jobs – For His Failed Colleagues

Feb 08, 2012

MADISON – As new polling shows that Congressional Republicans are facing record low approval ratings after their vote for Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, Rep. Reid Ribble (R-Fundraising) this week proposed a constitutional amendment to make it easier for failed congressional representatives to stay in office.

The plan, which comes as Ribble and his Tea Party colleagues’ approval ratings continue to plummet, doubles the length of a House term from two years to four years and imposes term limits – for newly-elected officials. Current members of Congress would be “grandfathered in” so they wouldn’t be voting to end their own jobs.

“Reid Ribble knows he’s vulnerable because of his votes to end Medicare and preserve tax breaks for wealthy special interests,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “So now, Ribble is trying to make it easier to stay in Congress even as his approval is hitting new lows. Instead of thinking up ways to protect himself and the jobs of his Tea Party friends, Reid Ribble should channel those efforts into providing relief for working families.”

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