Rep. Sean Duffy Not Supportive of Bi-Partisan Insider Trading Bill

Feb 05, 2012

MADISON – Although nearly 300 of his Congressional colleagues support a bill that would put an end to lawmakers using insider knowledge of Congress to buy and sell stocks for great profit, Rep. Sean Duffy won’t sign onto the measure.

Instead of supporting the STOCK Act like so many of his counterparts who want to take action and end these greedy conflicts of interest as soon as possible, Duffy has chosen to dance around the issue and write his own legislation on the topic. This is nothing more than Duffy making a faux attempt to attack the problem at hand. In actuality, it’s an empty effort.

Read reports about the wildly popular STOCK Act, which has already been passed by the Senate, here and here.

“Rep. Duffy’s lack of support of the STOCK Act speaks to his unwillingness toward transparency and honest, above-board financial transactions,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Claiming to have written a law stronger than the one 282 other legislators have co-authored is nothing more than a distraction that masks his true intent to see this bill abolished so he may continue to make the back-room deals with knowledge not privy to all.”