Tommy Thompson: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Feb 08, 2012

MADISON – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today reported that Tommy Thompson continues to have problems with his financial disclosure report.

After months of delays and dragging his feet, Tommy Thompson in late January filed what he claimed to be a thorough financial disclosure of the $13 million in lobbying cash he has accrued, stating that the report contained “no omissions of service.” However, Thompson’s January disclosure conflicts with reports filed during his failed presidential bid in 2007.

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“Another day, another disclosure problem for Tommy Thompson,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “Tommy has bagged so much cash from so many corporate special interests he can’t even remember all of them. The average working family in Wisconsin, whose taxes Tommy would raise and healthcare he would slash, has to account for every penny to make ends meet right now.  Tommy’s latest disclosure problems highlight how he has completely sold out and put his corporate connections and insider cronies ahead of Wisconsin.”