WisDems Analysis: Massive Fraud in Scott Walker Tea Party Challenge

Feb 27, 2012

MADISON-Analysis by the independent data team retained by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has found massive fraud and inaccuracies in a challenge to Scott Walker’s recall submitted by a bizarre Tea Party organization that has employed dishonesty, bad math and intentional deception.

Attached is a fuller analysis of the claims by True the Vote, an extremist Tea Party group from Texas associated with racism and arson.

Scott Walker’s campaign organization attempted to incorporate the “True the Vote” and “Verify the Recall” challenges yesterday after he failed to challenge a single signature to halt his recall.

Among the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s findings:

  • Scott Walker’s/True the Vote’s claim that 50 percent of signatures are invalid is false on its face: In fact, their own data shows an invalidation rate of 6.78 percent.
  • Scott Walker/True the Vote did not even challenge enough signatures to stop the recall. The total challenged is 284,548, well short of the 459,792 that would be needed to stop a recall.
  • Scott Walker’s’/True the Vote’s claims about the total number of signatures is false. They acknowledged they entered only 138,203 of 152,508 pages, meaning that they admitted to their own under-count.
  • Scott Walker/True the Vote challenges are false on their face.  A facial review shows multiple instances where valid signatures are challenged without reason. (See attachment for direct examples.)

“The Texas Tea Party numbers embraced by Scott Walker show the total and complete fraudulence of their claims,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Why Walker would cozy up to this extreme group with a racist and extreme history is troubling enough. That he would then attempt to use their intentionally misleading and untruthful claims might be even more so.”