WisDems Launch WalkerInvestigation.com Inviting Wisconsinites to Investigate Scott Walker's Criminal Path to Power

Feb 07, 2012

New Ad “What Walker Knew” Showcases the Criminal Activity That Occurred Feet From Walker’s Own Desk

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin today launched a new website and a new online ad highlighting the ongoing criminal corruption probe into Scott Walker and his administration. No governor in Wisconsin’s history has had six close associates or aides charged with fifteen felonies and three misdemeanors. Two Walker associates have now been convicted.

“The investigation into Scott Walker’s office is a tangled web involving the theft of more than $60,000 intended for the families of military servicemembers killed in action, child sex crimes, secret email networks, illegal campaign contributions and the abuse of taxpayer resources for political gain,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Our new website at WalkerInvestigation.com allows Wisconsinites from all across our state to be the lead detective in helping us expose Scott Walker’s criminal path to power.”

The new online ad, entitled “What Scott Walker Knew,” showcases coverage of the criminal activity committed by Scott Walker’s top aides, most of which occurred just a few feet from his desk. The ad closes with two questions: “What did he know?” and “When did he know it?”

Visit the new website and learn more about the criminal investigation at http://www.WalkerInvestigation.com

Watch the online ad on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txNMeE-hKwo

Read the ad script:

Newscaster: The FBI raids the home of one of Governor Walker’s top aides in Madison.

Newscaster: The investigation is a tangled web.

Newscaster: Part of a secret criminal John Doe Investigation.

Newscaster: Governor Scott Walker will be meeting with prosecutors.

Newscaster: Former Walker Deputy Chief of Staff Tim Russell is accused of embezzling more than $20,000 in charitable Veterans funds.

Newscaster: Kevin Kavanaugh allegedly embezzled at least $42,000 from the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

Newscaster: Now charged with child enticement, officials say Pierick used the screen name, “Walker04” when emailing the seventeen year old.

Newscaster: These charges are the most recent in a twenty month investigation into Walker’s former and current staff.

Newscaster: The investigation is getting closer to Governor Walker.

Newscaster: What did Scott Walker know and when did he know it.

Newscaster: Two of Governor Walker’s aides were charged criminally yesterday with illegally working on Walker’s gubernatorial campaign while on the county’s dime.

Newscaster: Prosecutors say she sent nearly 1400 emails in a five month period using a secret email system set up by Walker’s then Chief of Staff Tim Russell.

Newscaster: A secret internal email system with special encoding equipment tucked away in a custom designed filing cabinet.

Newscaster: Kelly Rindfleisch, the second woman charged, was in the inner circle. Rindfleisch worked 25 feet from Walker’s County Executive Office. She spent hours some days in the office on fundraising efforts.

News interview: He’s going to be questioned. He’s hired criminal attorneys.

Newscaster: Its only a matter of time before we find out what Scott Walker knew and when he knew it.

Newscaster: Embezzled money.

Newscaster: Misconduct in office.

Newscaster: Missing funds.

Newscaster: Felonies.

Newscaster: Child sex enticement.

News Interview with Scott Walker: All of this happening in your office. So close to where you were sitting. How could you not know this was happening?

Title: 6 Walker Associates. 15 Felonies.

Title: What did he know? When did he know it?

Title: Learn more: http://www.WalkerInvestigation.com