Forty-Six Year Politician Tommy Thompson Says He is Not a Professional Politician

Mar 12, 2012

MADISON – As he tries to flex his conservative muscle and whitewash his record of big government spending in an attempt to curry favor with right-wing extremists, super-lobbyist Tommy Thompson is now laughably claiming that he is not a “professional politician.”

In a Monday night forum hosted by Republican talking points machine Charlie Sykes, Tommy Thompson, who served in the state Legislature for 20 years, followed by 14 years as governor, four years in the Bush Administration and seven years as a Washington lobbyist cashing in on his political connections, stated, “I’m not a professional politician and never have been.”

Thompson went on to add that he has spent the past few years in the private sector and continues to “run” several businesses while he is a Senate candidate, if by run he means sits on their boards and uses his influence and connections to swell the profits of his fellow executives. Tommy’s characterization of his private sector work history is an understatement considering he has worked for so many corporate special interests he can’t even name them all and has accrued more than $13 million in lobbying wealth since leaving the public sector.

“Tommy Thompson became a professional politician in 1966, the same year Pampers started selling the first disposable diapers,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Now 46 years later they are both full of it and ready to be tossed.”