Cowardly Mark Neumann Budget Plan: Kick Sick Children off Health Insurance, Give Bonuses to Billionaires

Feb 29, 2012

Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate in response to a budget plan released today by perennial candidate Mark Neumann.

“Mark Neumann would have you believe that it is “courageous” for a millionaire like him to call for massive cuts to programs that help sick kids, poor seniors and those with disabilities. It is cowardly.

He has done well not paying his fair share in taxes, and so he continues the Republican fetish of giving more breaks to those who already have much, making it harder for the working families of Wisconsin to get by. Millionaires like him want medals for kicking sick kids off health insurance and making the middle class pay more for less.

There’s a reason Mark Neumann continues to be rejected by the people of Wisconsin and his ghoulish plan to dismember the middle class for the benefit of the super-rich provides another reason.”