Five Burning Questions for Investment Banker Eric Hovde

Mar 06, 2012

The weakness of the Republican field for Senate nominee has caused another entrant, this time Washington investment banker Eric Hovde, who on Thursday was set to announce his candidacy. Here are five burning questions as he enters the race.

1. As a hedge fund manager, have you ever made a profit from mass layoffs or “downsizing” at companies where you have invested?

2. Will you release your tax returns to the public and the press?

3. Given that you’re still currently registered to vote in Washington, D.C. (see attachment), why shouldn’t the people of Wisconsin see you as an outsider who doesn’t share Wisconsin’s values?

4. You’ve hired former Scott Walker aide Joe Fadness as a top campaign aide. He’s implicated in illegal activity that already has netted convictions and guilty pleas. Does this hiring indicate your closeness to Scott Walker and do you believe he is innocent of any criminal activity?

5. What is your family’s favorite resort in the Caribbean?