ICYMI: Failed Presidential Hopeful and Tea Party Extremist Herman Cain Bagging Cash for Scott Walker, Dissing Mitt Romney

Mar 08, 2012

Failed Presidential candidate and Tea Party Extremist Herman Cain is dissing Mitt Romney and raising cash for Scott Walker in a new fundraising email.

According to Cain, the most important race of the year is the Wisconsin recall, revealing just how gloomy the GOP prospects are for the fall no matter who their presidential nominee is.

See the email plea here.

“Out-of-state Tea Party extremists are Scott Walker’s remaining base of support after months of job loss, a criminal corruption probe in which he may be charged with felonies, and massive cuts to programs that benefit working families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “While the ongoing presidential primary has devastated Republican hopes for the fall, it’s surprising to hear a leading Republican be so candid that the GOP has no shot against Obama.”