ICYMI: Legal Experts Say Gov. Walker is Under Investigation

Mar 08, 2012

MADISON – Following the news that Gov. Walker has established a criminal defense fund as a result of the ongoing criminal investigation of his administration, several Wisconsin legal experts weighed in on the implications in an article published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

“If you create a legal defense fund, you are either being investigated, being charged with or have been convicted of a criminal violation of Chapter 11 or Chapter 12,” said George Dunst, a retired state election lawyer.

“The only way you can set that up is if you are under investigation or being prosecuted,” said Michael Maistelman, an election lawyer who is representing former Walker aide Tim Russell in the John Doe investigation. “One can only draw the conclusion that either one of those two things is happening.”

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Gov. Walker is also the first governor in Wisconsin history to establish a legal defense fund.