ICYMI: Scott Walker Hires "Anti-Corruption" Operation to Review Recall Signatures

Mar 29, 2012

MADISON – The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Scott Walker’s recall campaign paid more than $109,000 to have recall signatures reviewed by an out-of-state team of investigators that specializes in “anti-corruption” operations.

According to its website, the Chicago-based Navigant Consulting holds private investigator licenses in six states, though not in Wisconsin.

The Government Accountability Board earlier this morning certified more than 900,000 valid signatures to recall Scott Walker, and reported that its review of the recall petitions only uncovered four fake signatures – or a rate of approximately 0.0004%. 

Since Scott Walker’s campaign failed to challenge even one single recall signature, and the G.A.B. only found four cases of fake signatures, the cost-per-signature for Walker’s investigative expenditure clocks in at a whopping $27,313.75.

“When I first heard Scott Walker’s campaign was spending money on “anti-corruption” private investigators, I figured he was looking to weed out more criminals from his inner circle,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “But that Scott Walker, whose top aides and advisers are involved in a criminal corruption probe and who is the first governor in Wisconsin history to require a criminal defense fund, is hiring private investigators isn’t even the most ironic part of this story. That the man who is the steward of our tax dollars would spend almost $30,000 per fake signature and whose failed economic policies have Wisconsin leading the nation in job loss continues to hire people from Illinois to work for his campaign and on his criminal defense is even more unbelievable.”

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